[Video] On Nexter TV show about electrohypersensitivity, and on how to stay in the city but off harmful cellular, wifi, and bluetooth radiation.

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On Nexter tech TV show with Dror Globerman on Dec 2018.

(Host:) “Headaches, nausea, chronic fatigue, sleep difficulties, muscle tension, ringing and pain in the ears, numbness in the palms – all of these hurt my ability to function at work and as a mother”. This is what Maya Elhalal wrote at the end of the week. Who is to blame for these pains? Non-ionizing radiation emitted by the cell phone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, any wireless device. More and more people, even in Israel, claim that they suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Now it also becomes complicated, because Maya is a futurist in the field of innovation in health, an esteemed lecturer and the mother of three small children. On the other hand, scientists still doubt this disease. Hello Maya.

(Maya:) Hello.

(Host:) Why are you sensitive to?

(Maya:) So I’m sensitive to cellular radio frequencies (RF), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, but also to radiation from the laptop and other electrical appliances and to the electricity grid with some exposure.

(Host:) And all of these are causing you all these symptoms and more, correct?

(Maya:) Yes.

(Host:) Currently in our studio, do you feel discomfort?

(Maya:) So currently feel great discomfort, I have pressure here on the face, I have a headache, I have a pain in my ear, and this is after not being exposed for a very long time at my house and my symptoms are very much improving. So I’m less sensitive at the moment, but the more I am outside – it comes back.

(Host:) So how do you go through every day? I mean, both all of us and probably those who work in digital professions – you know, are exposed to a lot of devices, a lot of monitors, we are always next to them – computers, cell phones, tablets. What do you do?

(Maya:) So recently I go out a lot less. Since I know what hurt my health so much, I hardly ever leave the house. I turned my entire house into a home clean of radiation. I do not have Wi-Fi, I do not have Bluetooth, I do not have a cellphone, no one comes into my home with a cell phone. All of my computer stuff is optimized to emit the lowest radiation possible and I need to reduce my time on the computer.

(Host:) And you have special defensive measures I see.

(Maya:) And when I’m out of the house for a long time, for instance, if I go to a conference or am on a flight that has Wi-Fi which is a disaster for me, or I am at airports, then I have a hat that has a protective cloth and I have a coat that protects me from here and it makes me all the difference whether its headaches, nausea, dizziness, difficulties thinking, difficulty remembering.

(Host:) These hat and coat are able to block radiation?

(Maya:) Yes. They have 20% silver fibers woven into the cloth and they block this radiation. If we’ll have time then we’ll be able to show it on the meter as well.

(Host:) So we’ll soon see it on the meter, first let’s walk into your house for a moment.

(Maya:) Let’s go.

(Host:) You’ve installed your house completely differently than they install them today in order to deal with the radiation. Here, let’s see.

(Maya:) Here there is an adapter that is connected using a network cable, the network cable also connects the children’s computer station to the internet, they have a wired mouse, a wired keyboard, a wired camera, glasses to protect them against the blue light. In terms of electromagnetic radiation in radio waves, we can see that the house is quiet.

(Host:) So here this meter in your house is showing 0.0005.

(Maya:) Yes.

(Host:) You brought it here. What does it show in our studio?

(Maya:) Here right now it’s reading 2 point…

(Host:) Wow, I’m a little stressed out right now.

(Maya:) Let me help you. Take this, this special sticker will leave no mark on your phone but it will remind you (Host: I took it) how…

(Host:) How much radiation is present.

(Maya:) How much radiation is present, yes.

(Host:) Say, this…

(Maya:) This will continue like this all the time and hinder your ability to connect, so I’ll turn it off but this is at the studio.

(Host:) Say, your kids, friends, people… how do they react to you coming in with this world suddenly and saying, “Friends, radiation hurts me”?

(Maya:) So it’s very hard. The truth is that most of the time I feel like a vegan at a barbecue.

(Host:) Yes.. It’s a feeling I know well, by the way.

(Maya:) Oh, are you a vegan?

(Host:) Yes.

(Maya:) So it’s not nice to be like that all the time, right?

(Host:) -nods in agreement- to order salad again and again.

(Maya:) And it’s just like this all the time.

(Host:) Now look, the medical establishment…

(Maya:) People who love me are considerate. All of the family meals moved to my home, because everyone has a smart home… “smart”. “Smart” which emits all the time.

(Host:) Yes. Now, look. The medical establishment is still… its opinions are divided, let’s put it that way. I read on Wikipedia and I know that Wikipedia is not a medical document – medicine does not recognize Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and usually associates the symptoms with the patient’s stress, mental and physical stress. Studies have found no link between patients – in patients between symptoms and between exposure to radiation. By the way, we were not satisfied with this alone, we also asked Dr. Yael Stein of Hadassah Ein Kerem.

(Dr. Yael Stein:) Some people have headaches such as migraines, some people will suffer from pain in the jaw, teeth, ears, and even parts of the shoulders or other parts of the body. These pains are definitely real pains and the World Health Organization agrees that there are such symptoms and that there is pain, but they do not agree that it is necessarily due to radiation. In Sweden, for example, it is recognized as a disability, not as a disease and there it is recognized as part of their social security, people are compensated for the effects of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

(Host:) Yes, so in Israel there are hundreds of people who complain about them…

(Maya:) They are starting to recognize this and a lot of scientists are starting to recognize it, so it’s completely real.

(Host:) Maya Elhalal, we wish to get well.

(Maya:) Thank you.

(Host:) As much as possible, and maybe there will also be a lesson we all need to learn.

(Maya:) Do not hold the phone close to your head or place it in your pocket.

(Host:) That’s exactly what I do all day.

(Maya:) Unless you want as a preventive measure…