I believe this about Healthspan:


1 – Healthspan is not about winning the genetic lottery. 

2 – It may be a matter of only a decade or so before game-changing regenerative treatments become available and affordable. 

3 – If we now help as many people as possible delay the onset of chronic illness by 10-20 years, this should allow more of us to be there, in good physical and mental health, when the breakthrough healthspan innovations take effect. 

4 – Longevity science insight give us tools to hack our way to healthspan. 

I design my life with the goal of extending my healthspan and I share the lifestyle changes, technologies and experiments that work for me (and those that don’t too). 

In the photo: growing my own 100% organic leafy greens for daily consumption is one small change I added that brings more health and joy to my life than I could ever imagine!