12 Feb

IDC Exec-Ed Workshop: Forces Shaping the Future of Health

Medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds, and one of the key barriers for adoption of the numerous available improvements is human beings. Medicine is inseparable from the doctor and the patient, and creating innovative healthcare solutions without understanding the psychology and decision-making process of both physician and patient may fail miserably. The distant future […]

28 Aug

Hosting Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship Daniel Lubetzky at Collective Collection on Sep 13th for a talk about doing the KIND thing.

KIND CEO and founder Daniel Lubetzky is The New York Times Best Seller of Do the KIND Thing. In 2015 President Barack Obama and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker named him a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE). The event is open for registration here.

15 Jun

21.6.16 – Join us for ALS Assistive Technologies Conference and Awards

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23 Dec

Breakthrough Innovation Week

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15 Dec

Sci-Fi vs. Reality at SOSA

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24 Nov

Reboot – The Future of Medicine conference for Abbvie

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09 Nov

At channel 10 morning-show: a conversation about the future of medicine and longevity

09 Nov

Intimate talk about innovation-aversion over morning coffee with the Designit Tel Aviv team

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I was surprised and happy to learn that after organizations realize that human progress is on the verge of a tipping point, and that they must reinvent themselves, Designit has a process to help them do just that.

28 Oct

Feels great to be on TNW’s 100+ tech & business women speakers you need at your next event

The full list of women in tech and business from all over the world, and featuring great Israeli women speakers, is here on The Next Web News. 

28 Oct

Rethinking traditional views on motherhood with Wizo for their 95 years celebrations

Was thrilled to take part in this bold conversation lead by Wizo about women’s choices regarding motherhood.

14 Oct

Hosting IAC2015, where over 2000 space stakeholders from 58 countries gather to celebrate: Space – The Gateway to Mankind’s Future

For a few moments on Monday morning, in Jerusalem, before all hell broke loose, over 2000 global leaders from 58 countries got together at the opening ceremony of IAC2015, to celebrate space — the gateway to mankind’s future. ‪#‎unity‬ ‪#‎hope‬ ‪#‎future‬ ‪#‎space‬ ‪#‎exploration‬ ‪#‎science‬ ‪#‎technology‬ ‪#‎ingenuity‬ I had the honor of hosting the gathering, to […]

30 Sep

So excited to be hosting the 66th International Astronautical Congress this Oct 12

All about the program and how to join here at IAC2015

27 Aug

Honored to be on Forbes list of 50 Influential Women in Israel

29 Jul

Change aversion in a world that is changing faster than ever – a talk for InnovNation course at Hebrew University

This was a great opportunity to meet with a group of international students and start a conversation about why we resist change. I’ll be giving this talk again soon in Tel Aviv. Details will be published here.

29 Jul

At Orly and Guy Morning show – about exponential technolgies

29 Jul

A day with channel 10 news about our digital future

08 Jul

About our digital future – for Lady Globes [full article]

At the airport on my way to a vacation today I saw this and it was weird in a wonderful and exciting way. And the full article text below.

02 Apr

April 27th, Israel – A talk about Innovation-Aversion for Singularity University at Innovation Endeavors


12 Mar

March 10th – a talk at Singularity University Conference in Israel – How political passions undermine basic reasoning skills and why compelling conclusive and widely accessible scientific evidence doesn’t change people’s opinions

With coming elections in Israel next week, it’s interesting to look at recent articles that shed some light about the battle between innovation and the status quo. It turns out that some things are a lot more powerful than and an idea whose time has come. I have a few guests passes left. If this […]

22 Feb

Feb 22: Your Brand: Because It’s Personal – Hosting EO Israel monthly learning event

I’m looking forward to featuring Eitan Chitayat founder and executive creative director of Natie and interviewing Dorie Clark author of “Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future”, and “Stand Out”, this Sunday at Viola for EO Israel monthly learning event.

08 Feb

Joining the board of WMN – a new seaside co-work space in Tel-Aviv for women who lead ventures and pay it forward

WMN was founded by serial entrepreneur Merav Oren, aiming to create a community where women can thrive, feel at home, and network in order to overcome the unique challenges women face in the entrepreneurial eco-system. WMN will open in March 2015 but the application process for women entrepreneurs is open.

06 Jan

Format Is Queen – a talk at the Events Producers Convention on Feb 1st 2015

2015 events production convention is coming up and around mid day, I’ll be leading a discussion on how content formats can win attention and engagement for great content. Would love to see there those of you who are in the biz of making an impact with public speaking.

31 Dec

[video] Interview with G.Yafit about personal brand and working with family


23 Dec

[video] Women Entrepreneurs in The Frontier Conference – Pies of Career/Family/Self balance and


11 Dec

Israel Entrepreneurs Handbook 2015 together with EO Israel

Thanks Guy Spier for the cool idea and Eitan of Natie for the beautiful execution.

08 Dec

[video] Presentations are just like chess – Content Is King, Format Is Queen (a talk for Amdocs International Sales Kickoff)

24 Nov

Moderating the Entrepreneurship Track at Saloona’s 2014 *Women @ The Frontier* Conference

I’m really looking forward to moderating this track. They curated women who are bravely in the forefront and I’ll get to explore the experience of being a woman entrepreneur with them. Would be great to see you there. And it’s also going to be streamed live.

08 Nov

[video] Demoing OrCam and having fun with Amnon Shashua at TED MED Live in Jerusalem [source: YNet]

02 Oct

a blog post for EO Israel [a local chapter of the 10K members global Entrepreneurs Organization]

This is the post’s end: [and the beginning at EO Israel blog] And the reason I’m writing about this on the EO blog is because it suddenly hit me: the reason why the EO forum is something I like so much, is because that’s exactly what we do there. We gain full context of the […]

29 Sep

Seriously? Together, we can stop The Fine Print!

I’ve started capturing fine-print because it represent everything that is wrong in our society. Or at least everything that is wrong in customer experience. See this for example from my flight the other day: Easy Jet, come on, do you really think I’ll sue you if you run out of olives? Just as I was […]

23 Sep

The Best of TED MED Live in Jerusalem [photos]

TED MED Live in the Jerusalem Theater of Performing Arts was a real treat to host, and the TED MED Israel team has posted some of the best moments here. The talks are coming out soon. One of my personal favorite moments hosting this event was getting to try Amnon Shaashua’s new device for the […]

03 Sep

Sep 11 – Hosting TED MED Live in Jerusalem – and all this ingenuity, love for people, and devotion to tackling the big challenges in medicine is making me feel hopeful.

TED MED Live is coming to Jerusalem with a rich local program featuring 11 brilliant speakers and an inspiring artistic performance. I was thrilled to join the TED MED Israel professional committee and even more so when I was asked to host the event in the Jerusalem Theater. With now a week to the big […]

06 Jul

[photos] The best of Bubbles – a new format of gathering that’s serious on questions and light on everything else

Passionate speakers burst intellectual bubbles (and some created new ones), the panels went in all sorts of unpredictable directions, there were laughs, and a whole lot of drinking.  People said they had fun and learned a lot. And so did we. It was a good pilot night. And these are the best moments, in photos.  […]

19 May

Hosting “Davos with Jokes” with Dan Ariely on June 19th, 5pm-midnight. Registration now open.

Today we’re announcing Bubbles – a new format of gathering where we ask (and answer!) the big, (and not so big) questions of life, in an ever so light, fun and funny way. By we, I mean Prof. Dan Ariely, producer Shay Windman and TED speaker coach Abigail Tenembaum. We all share a strong commitment […]

03 Feb

Some people have life and their business all figured out. I’m not one of them. Together with a group of Israeli entrepreneurs, I recently co-founded EO Israel – a local chapter to join a network of 9500 EOers worldwide. ​Entrepreneurs join for different reasons. For me it’s about stripping off the omniperfect facade with peers, and learning from each other. There’s also the guilt-free travel.

Failcon, a global initiative to reshape the negative cultural sentiment towards failures, and create a platform for learning from other’s failed ventures, happened for the first time in Israel on Jan 23rd, 2014. One speaker I admire for sharing his role in a business failure is Ofer Vilenski, CEO and co-founder of Hola. He  candidly shared […]

10 Jan

Hosting Failcon TLV on Jan 23rd – an afternoon that’s all about entrepreneurs sharing their failures and what they learned

Few people are brave enough to attempt audacious goals. Far fewer are big enough to admit they failed and be willing to share what they learned. Many have said NO to the request to speak at this event and I admire Yanki Margalit, Naftali Benet, Liad Agmon, Noam Lanir, Ishay Green, Daria Shualy, Yosi Taguri, Ofer Vilenski, Gigi Levy, Emma Butin, Eden Shochat,Yoni Dariel, Yoel […]

09 Jan

TEDxTelAvivWomen talks now available to watch on TED.com’s TEDx channel

Peace and reconciliation, social mobility, employment in the dessert, why young people should go into politics, creating out of not knowing and stereotypes – it was such an honor to give a stage to all these great Ideas Worth Spreading. And the talks by the speakers of TEDxTelAvivWomen can be watched here.

10 Dec

Best of TEDxTelAvivWomen 2013

Hosting more than 100 women, in their 20s to 80s, all pursuing great visions and ‘leaning-in’ to their careers, was an absolute treat. Here are some of the most memorable moments: And two great articles just came out covering TEDxTelAvivWomen speakers. HE in Saloona and EN in NoCamels.

18 Nov

Thriving with Asperger – A short talk with Adi Anhang at the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations’ Young Leaders Track

12 Nov

Hosting the live stream of SF TEDWomen program in TLV, Dec 5th

Thousands of women in more than 150 TEDx events around the world will take part in watching TEDWomen live from SF on Dec 5th. Together with my bosom buddies Abigail Tenembaum [TED speakers’ coach] and Liat Aaronson [TEDxTelAviv and TEDxHolyLand co-organizer], I’lll be hosting the live viewing of TEDWomen at a small TEDx event – TEDxTelAvivWomen, in a cinema […]

21 Oct

I’ll be Hosting the ‘Young Adults on the Fast Track’ session @ the GA Nov 11th

Join me this November for 8 talks by extraordinary young leaders who are changing the Israeli society and world jewry.

30 Jun

Bringing Techonomy to Israel to ask: Can Israel Be the Tech Capital for the Next Five Billion?

In partnership with Campus Tel Aviv (powered by Google Entrepreneurs), Techonomy will facilitate a series of conversations on June 5th in Tel Aviv about Israel’s emerging role as a tech superpower. The two-hour event will begin with a talk by Techonomy’s David Kirkpatrick, followed by a panel discussion entitled “Can Israel Be the Tech Capital […]

08 Jan

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I didn’t become a better person!

But I have gained Zoe, well earned pounds, and some important life lessons. From Cape Coral, this is Noam and me, sharing our new-found wisdom with you, and wishing you a year which you will one day be strangely nostalgic for..

24 Nov

It’s Your Business – 183 written-in-blood tips for entrepreneurs

This is a great new entry-level book for entrepreneurs, with some excellent reminders for the more experienced. I scanned it in 30 minutes walking the treadmill. Of the 183 tips Lisa Everson offers in It’s Your Business, I chose to give you a sneak peek into the following because for me, they each hold a personal memory of blood, sweat or tears. If […]

28 Aug

Digital Nesting – Where the primal me meets the 21st century and how my instincts may save your shoes

Nesting instinct refers to an urge in pregnant animals to prepare a home for the upcoming newborn(s). It is found in a variety of animals (both mammals and birds) including humans. My form of ‘nesting’, somewhat to Noam’s disappointment, is not of the kind that upgrades the house, but only of the digital kind. So […]

25 Jul

The Behavioral Economics Summit for Startups 2012 is Back

And so is the Israeli extension of it. We’re keeping everything that worked last year and fixing the broken. Here’s when, where, who, why and how.  Last year I was pumping during breaks and saving the milk in the yogurt department of the Google HQ fridge. This year I’ll be joining you on Google hangout […]

25 May

The conversation continues this June at the first TEDxTelAvivSalon

I’m thrilled to join forces with TEDxZurich co-organizer Guy Spier in keeping the TED conversation going, the spreading of elevating ideas by Israeli thought-leaders flowing, and the people who made TEDxTelAviv happen connected. The first TEDxTelAvivSalon features Avi Barliya, Enon Landenberg, Yanki Margalit, Lior Manor, Doron Marco and Itay Talgam. Their talks will be released […]

02 May

Singularity University Executive Program should come with a warning

Don’t be fooled by this seemingly innocent graduation class photo. Or by this well put Guardian introduction to the people creating our future. Singularity University at the serene NASA Research Park in CA is a dangerous place. I just returned from a week of SU EPA12 – codename for The 7-day Singularity University Executive Program, […]

20 Mar

New in ‘Favorites’: 2x’Too funny’ in shows, 2x’most mind blowing’ in TV series, 3x’Singularity’ in books

Here’s the full list of my updated favorites.

08 Mar

Irrationality, brain productivity, evolution and game-changing, all in my updated favorite books list

Here’s the full list of books and why I favorite them.