IDC Exec-Ed Workshop: Forces Shaping the Future of Health

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Medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds, and one of the key barriers for adoption of the numerous available improvements is human beings. Medicine is inseparable from the doctor and the patient, and creating innovative healthcare solutions without understanding the psychology and decision-making process of both physician and patient may fail miserably.

The distant future is immanent – it is due to arrive soon at medical centers and the home – from subtle improvements to changes that are so profound and significant that we are struck with amazement when they touch our lives. Personalized, predictive and preventive healthcare, with access to relevant and up-to-date databases in cooperation with the patient and with the assistance of diagnostic artificial intelligence, continuous healthcare – at-home and with real-time monitoring, enormous on-demand computing power, sophisticated robotics and efficient nanobiotechnology. And, of course, the patient experience and the roles of the physician and healthcare system are changing.

These marvelous innovations can alter and improve the public’s health and our daily experience, and shape the future. But too often, it takes too long to implement new knowledge and medical breakthroughs to positively impact lives. Unfortunately, these are unnecessary and costly delays – especially when healthcare is concerned, where people can derive significant benefits in terms of quality of life even today.

So why is there such a big gap between the knowledge and tools we have at our disposal and our willingness to adopt them and our ability to follow through, persevere and successfully implement healthcare improvements?

In the workshop, we will understand what are the significant scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations in the field of healthcare and the powerful underlying psychological forces that shape the future. We will discuss the importance of small details in the care experience and their impact on behavior, in reducing friction in the care process, in using incentives and informed use of emotions. We will translate insights from behavioral economics and social sciences into practical tools for changing and impacting decision-making and how to lead the planning process and solve real problems facing the participants. We will also cover issues relating to paternalism in medicine, conflicts of interest, presenting risks, the placebo effect, etc.

We will end the workshop with a medical innovation marathon that will expose participants to innovative startups in healthcare and medicine and to the scientific breakthroughs that will change our lives.

The workshop is designed for:
Senior healthcare and medical officials, physicians, biotech entrepreneurs and investors, medical device engineers and managers who are committed to improving the health of the people in the organization they lead.
The workshop is a collaboration between the Executive Education unit at the Interdisciplinary Center and ESH Media, aiming to make a difference in medicine and healthcare in Israel.

The Forces Shaping the Future of Healthcare
Medical breakthroughs and how to integrate them: practical insights from behavioral economics

Is a 3-day workshop
May 14-16, 2017

Academic directors: Prof. Dan Ariely, Duke University
and myself [Maya Elhalal-Levavi, CEO and Founder of ESH Media

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