Upcoming talk: Idea Driven GPSs. And why we insist on taking the longest route to ourselves

I’m giving a talk this Monday, about the shift in the the way ideas are spread and about how now, like never before, companies and individuals can change an industry, reinvent science or reshape politics. Specifically, about how TED and Seth Godin’s new Domino Project do it. More specifically, why more often than not, we ignore our inner GPSs and fail to act on our ideas.

We’ll also play, You’re It! with my copy of Poke The Box.

The event is hosted by Oren Heiman, the ultimate mover and shaker for Israeli business people in NY, as part of Fish – The Forum of Israeli High-Tech Executives in NY. Some really great people gather at Fish and I can bring a couple of guests. Drop me a line if you’re in town and wish to join.