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The Secret Ingredient in Kickstarting Ideas that Spread Far and Wild

Type: Talk
Date: March 14th, 2011, 18:30
Venue: Penn Plaza, New York – Forum of Israeli High-Tech Executives in NY, hosted by Shibolet

Inspring stories of successful entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries who follow their passion for an idea. They all share a healthy disrespect for the traditional way of getting things done and a flair for the New Media. Key viral marketing strategies and the secret ingredient in their success revealed…

Be warned, we’ll also play a dangerous game of You’re It! with my copy of Poke The Box.


Entrepreneurship – A Merciless Disillusionment Agent

Type: Talk
Date: Feb 22nd, 2011, 19:00
Venue: Tel Aviv, Israel – Women 2.0, Founder Two-sday Event

For a long time I too thought I was a New-Media Entrepreneur. Eight years, four internet ventures and one mid-life crisis later, I discover it was nothing but a cover story. A very convincing one. Actually, it’s something quite different that makes me tick. I just wasn’t ready to be dealt the disillusioning cards before.

This is a talk with fellow women founders about disillusionment, brain re-wiring, and how entrepreneurship is a merciless path to self discovery.

The Brain for Entrepreneurs

Type: Workshop
Date: Oct 27th, 2010, 17:00
Venue: IDC Herzliya, Israel – Zell Entrepreneurship Program

The Frontal Lobe vs. The Amygdala. The inner battle of the seat of entrepreneurship and the brain’s panic button. And how you can win. Sprinkled with tips and tricks on how to use cutting edge utting edge neuroscience discoveries to get your ideas across in a memorable way.

Lessons Learned and Much Less

Date: March 24th, 2010, 18:30
Venue: Technion, Haifa, Israel
Type: Talk at Technion Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

Entrepreneurship in the Web Era

Type: Full 24-academic-hours course
Date: October-December 2009
Venue: IDC Herzliya, Israel, Global Entrepreneurship MBA Program

In a world of endless offerings and ever growing marketing noise, making your product or service noticed has become a real challenge. Consumers, powered by collaboration and communication means, have re-written the rules of the game and many traditional business practices no longer apply.

The maturing web is now starting to provide solid business models that allow companies to succeed in such consumer centric space. In the course we discuss a wide variety of topics; from eCommerce and online marketing and business models to open source, social networks, peer-to-peer and user generated content.

The objective of this course is not to merely review internet models. Participants acquire practical internet entrepreneurship tools and hands on experience in harnessing the power of the web to their venture or company.

How to Successfully Start, Finance and Run an Internet Venture and Enjoy Location Independent Lifestyle doing all that…

Type: Workshop
Date: June 2009
Venue: Global Village 2009, Lehigh University, Iacocca Institute
Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Global Entrepreneurship

This course is designed for those who ….

  • Want to explore New-Media business opportunities
  • Are intrigued by alternatives to the corporate world rat race
  • Have an idea for a New-Media venture and don’t know where to start

Passion for entrepreneurship is the only prerequisites for this course.

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Presenting For Results – Pitching to Investors

Type: Workshop
Date: May 5th, 14th and 21st 2008
Venue: IDC Herzliya, Israel

Presenting for Results is an interactive crash-course in creating effective presentations to investors. It’s your preparation for achieving successful fundraising meetings and getting your message across to investors.

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