Hosting “Davos with Jokes” with Dan Ariely on June 19th, 5pm-midnight. Registration now open.

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Today we’re announcing Bubbles – a new format of gathering where we ask (and answer!) the big, (and not so big) questions of life, in an ever so light, fun and funny way.

By we, I mean Prof. Dan Ariely, producer Shay Windman and TED speaker coach Abigail Tenembaum. We all share a strong commitment to fun and humor, as well as curiosity for exploring the big questions of life and what it means to be human. With Bubbles, we found a way to merry the two.

Between dusk and midnight on Thu, June 19th 5pm-midnight, we plan to test our hypothesis that the right mix of alcohol and jokes, shared by A-list speakers and comedians, has a “down-to-earth-ing” effect on ideas, that are traditionally confined to the ivory worlds of academia, government and big money.

We pilot in Israel [and in Hebrew] this summer with the theme “Davos with Jokes”, and starting 2015 we will ​extend Bubbles from the one-night pilot to an annual weekend-long festival of bold exploration of big questions.

I think it’s going to be a night to remember and I hope you join us for the first Bubbles Fest, where the greatest minds meet the funniest thinkers to tackle, challenge and explore our economic systems; from macro to micro, from mainstream to the less standard.

Here’s more about Bubbles and where you can register.