Flying Trapeze – oscillations of the mind

I’ve been wanting to try the Flying Trapeze for a really long time and a few days ago I find there’s one just a couple of blocks away from my apartments in Chelsea. Armed with my latest obsession to better understand unlearning of fear response, I sign up. But not before I drag for the ride my sister in law and my brother, who ended up relieving himself of breakfast, the way it came in, just as soon as we got back home.

My findings?

  1. The alignment of my bodily fear oscillations and the positive/negative zigzagging of the inner self talk was stunning. At the first jump, the voice saying “don’t do this” was so loud and powerful my body just froze and I totally ignored the “hop!” order. Paralyzing-scary turned exhilarating-scary and after two hours I was still kind of scared but also doing a flip and a catch. So did Eran and Jackie.
  2. Flying Trapeze is FUN and pretty hilarious too when you go with friends.

The full flying album of Eran, Jackie and yours, um… fearfully? 🙂 is here on Facebook.