Search Treasures

Google recently launched Google Insight for Search which let’s you see what the world is searching for and compare search terms.

How can Google Insight for Search be useful?

  1. SEM – Search trends can help you find hidden treasures in terms of territories which show high demand for what you offer. In many cases you’ll find countries that are still low cost in CPC campaigns. Tapping into the potential of these high demand low cost countries can really help you stretch your SEM budget,
  2. SEO -In SEO projects, if you’re considering several options as leading keywords, this tool will let you know which keyword will drive more search traffic.
  3. Strategy – When looking into different product development options, for example developing desktop app vs. browser based one, you can use this tool to know which is more in demand and where the trend is going.
  4. Buzz – Effectiveness of word of mouth campaigns can be measured and compaired. Here’s the amazingly viral campaign of Blendtech “Will it blend?”.
  5. Feed your curiosity of what people search for and get ideas for areas of potential and demand.