Pick up! I’m Flying!

I’m lying in bed on my stomach, in my old apt in Tel Aviv, when suddenly I get this weird feeling that something isn’t right. I can’t feel the entire front side of my body touching the bed! I realize that I’m slowly staring to hover above the bed. First just an inch, and then it’s like the entire room is gravity free. I’m weightless and staring to freak-out a little. Then, I realize that I can will things to happen. Curiosity takes over and I start controlling my movements.

It’s like there were two me. One that was experiencing everything and another me who’s the observer of the whole scene. I notice that the beige Asian carpet I have, and my african art collection are also hovering close to the ceiling in the two corners of the room.

I make my way out of the bedroom to the window in the living room, pull myself out and I’m flying! But not in Tel Aviv anymore, in the country side. And I navigate my way between tree branches and as the trees get thicker, I can suddenly fly into the tree tops and go through it. And it is BY FAR the most euphoric feeling I ever had. Ever! Nothing comes remotely close. Not even flying a fighter jet (you can Google that) or pole dancing on a mirror topped bar (you had to be at my wedding for that).

The next thing, I find myself back in my room and it blows my mind that I just fucking flew into trees. I pick up the phone right from where I left it when I went to bed, and I call Noam my (now) husband to tell him. Instead of hearing his voice I get his picture on the phone screen. I try again and the damn thing doesn’t make the call – it just keeps showing different images of Noam. I get so frustrated trying to dial again and again and I can feel as the blood rushes to my head and then, snap! I wake up! on my stomach, in my old apt in Tel Aviv.

They say that in lucid dreaming, when something happens that is too unrealistic, too against any common sense, the conflict makes you snap out of the dream and wake up. So, flying is totally reasonable, but that the iphone doesn’t work, nah’ that just can’t be!!!

That was my first flying lucid dream, about 6 months ago. I am now working on making calls in my dreams…

What are your dreams like?