Hosting IAC2015, where over 2000 space stakeholders from 58 countries gather to celebrate: Space – The Gateway to Mankind’s Future

For a few moments on Monday morning, in Jerusalem, before all hell broke loose, over 2000 global leaders from 58 countries got together at the opening ceremony of IAC2015, to celebrate space — the gateway to mankind’s future.

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I had the honor of hosting the gathering, to meet the president of the International Astronautical Federation – the very charming Kiyoshi Higuchi, moon walkers like Buzz Aldrin, leaders at Lockheed Martin and so many young space enthusiasts from all over the world.

Big thx to Eyal Nagar of Virtuozo for helping me prepare for this, to Odelia Yakir for helping me infuse the text with humor and to Shiran Mania for her style – it’s so great to work with pros!