02 Jan

2012, Singularity or Apocalypse? [our new year’s video greeting]

Maya Elhalal-Levavi in Guatemala

From what was once an old Mayan village, Noam and I look back at 4000 years of human evolution and look forward to 2012 and the future of our species. Our traditional new year’s greeting, this time from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, with our own 8 months old version of evolution. Happy New Year!

26 Jul

Battlestar Galactica left me with a choice: I’m going for the option that takes the bigger leap of faith


I don’t want to be connected to perfection. I find perfection rather boring actually. But it IS about those moments for me. Especially the action, reaction and elation. The final episode of Battlestar Galactica, left me with a choice I’ve been avoiding making for a while: I’m going for the option that takes the bigger leap […]

24 Jul

Hosting the live streaming of The Behavioral Economics Summit for Startups in Israel this August

Behavioral Economics

My friend Abigail Tenembaum and I are both behavioral economics sworn fans and now we have the huge privilege of delivering the above incredible gift from Dan Ariely to about 20 Israeli startups. If your startup fits the bill, apply! It will change how you do business. The main website of The San Francisco Behavioral […]

20 Mar

[animated presentation] The Secret Ingredient in Kickstarting Ideas that Spread Far and Wild

the secret of kickstarting viral ideas

Inspring stories of successful entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries who follow their passion for an idea. They all share a healthy disrespect for the traditional way of getting things done and a flair for the New Media. Key viral marketing strategies and the secret ingredient in their success revealed… This is the 3 minute, click-to-advance, version of […]

10 Mar

Upcoming talk: Idea Driven GPSs. And why we insist on taking the longest route to ourselves

Maya Elhalal Poke The Box

I’m giving a talk this Monday, about the shift in the the way ideas are spread and about how now, like never before, companies and individuals can change an industry, reinvent science or reshape politics. Specifically, about how TED and Seth Godin’s new Domino Project do it. More specifically, why more often than not, we ignore our inner […]

05 Feb

What do TED, The Domino Project and anti-aging eye serum have in common? Bees.


You’re not supposed to admit you favor one piece of your published work over the rest. My favorite is QuotesDaddy. Why? Because it’s the only one I built for me. I wanted to find, save, tag, share, contribute and show off all my favorite quotes. Nothing out there came close. One night, working on an […]

04 Feb

The husband is always the last to know and the founder last to admit

the dip

If you’re like me, you think you’re really good at reading people’s body language, picking up the subtle cues of their true intention and spotting every tell tale sign. Well, you’re not as good as you think you are. Not with the people you love, that is. Or with those you have a high-stakes relationship […]

03 Feb

How to make $100K offering zero value and kill a startup on the way


To not make matters worse for my friend, I’ll keep the companies involved anonymous. Let’s for now call the high-tech company that’s trying to do something meaningful in the world ‘Startup’, and the suing company ‘Shell’. This is a true story of Shell and Startup. Startup is a company in growth stage, VC backed, with […]

28 Jan

A powdery white mask over the concrete jungle

06 Jan

My answer on Quora to ‘What books should entrepreneurs read?’

four steps

Entrepreneur’s Bible(s): This short-list of entrepreneurship ‘prerequisite’ will put you in a great position to get started. It features my #1 rated for every category in entrepreneur’s must-have skill set: The Four Steps to the Epiphany is the text book for leading Entrepreneurship MBA programs and is by far the best I’ve read about idea validation […]

02 Jan

Life is not without a sense of humor…

puerto rico

Science keeps flipping on us. In the break of 2011, does that change anything? Everything? Is it happy 2011? From somewhere in the Caribbean, a greeting from me and my Noam to you my friends: [click to open in YouTube, they don’t allow embed because of the brilliant sound track] Things kind of changed from […]

31 Dec

[updated] Running for best in education: The Brain for Entrepreneurs – The Frontal Lobe vs. the Amygdala.

maya elhalal the brain for entrepreneurs

The inner battle of the seat of entrepreneurship and the brain’s panic button. And how you can win. Sprinkled with tips and tricks on how to use cutting edge neuroscience discoveries to get your ideas across in a memorable way. Vote it up on slideshare if you enjoyed it? (contest ends Nov 8th) Update: Thrilled […]

03 Dec

Our first painting in New York, a Gigi Turker

27 Nov

I’m hosting a 2-day TEDWomen simulcast at Saro Bistro – home of TEDxLowerEastSide


TEDxLowerEastSide joins this global dialogue over the course of a two-day event at Saro Bistro. Menu includes a live streaming of the complete TEDWomen program, engaging conversations, Balkan delicatessens, surprises and after party in the TED tradition. I’ll be hosting a group of about 40 friends. TEDxLowerEastSide is free & open but Saro is cosy and space […]

20 Nov

Spectacular moon over Empire State tonight

18 Sep

Some of my most favorite moments with my favorite people. Yet.

Because it’s HD, it’s best viewed in full screen and after clip completes loading… and the ‘before’: A huge thanks to God of HD Video – Guy Sadot and to the Master of Dream Making  – My TEDxTelAviv and Wedding Producer Shay Windman

29 Aug

Flying Trapeze – oscillations of the mind

I’ve been wanting to try the Flying Trapeze for a really long time and a few days ago I find there’s one just a couple of blocks away from my apartments in Chelsea. Armed with my latest obsession to better understand unlearning of fear response, I sign up. But not before I drag for the ride […]

23 Aug

Even though my environment is different than my thinking, my thinking is more important.


Size Matters. Big Time! The size of the Frontal Lobe, that is. Our  frontal lobe is larger in reference to the rest of the brain, than in any other species: It’s almost 40% of a human brain, about 15-17% in great apes, about 7% in dogs and just 3% in cats. The frontal lobe (in red), is the […]

20 Aug

Human population: zero. Life after people

Plants take over cities, wild life re-establishes in the habitat it was chased away from, oceans make astonishing recovery. Natures rules again. And all this happens much faster than we imagine…

19 Aug

Dancing on Wheels in Central Park

Taken last week. I love the summer scene in the park!

19 Aug

NYC, Bird-Eye-Style, with Yuda Doron

12 Aug

Hi, my name is Maya, and I’m an eMailoholic

I had my first email in 1996. It has now gotten to a point where  sometimes I can have as many as 10 or 15 email box checks a day. That’s not the only thing I use. There’s also Facebook, Twitter and Feeds. And it’s not just the Desktop. I do it on my laptop, […]

10 Aug

Professional 2.0, MailChimp Case Study: Bring Yourself to Work

MailChimp is an email marketing platform used by some pretty high profile brands. It offers powerful campaign management tools and also, um… how shall I put it? A very unusual user experience… For example, you may be working on building your new blog newsletter and on the top right corner the Chimp would say: and then […]

07 Aug

‘Windows Genuin Advantage Notifications’ sounds about as friendly as ‘Homeland Security’

07 Aug

The Axis of Evil

Got a craving for standup last night and streamed  the entire The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour from Netflix. These guys are so witty, so hilarious and sadly, so right… The name of the tour is yet another thing we can be grateful to former president George W Bush for… Enjoy, it’s a killer! 😉

06 Aug

Surrogates. Unimaginable? Not Really.

Inevitable? Tough one…

06 Aug

Testing: first post from iPad

06 Aug

Moving Objects with my Mind, Take 1

This was my first attempt at moving objects with the Emotive Epoc EEG Headset… Take 2 wasn’t very pretty. And here’s Tan Le, head of Emotiv Systems, demoing the headset at the TED Global 2010 conference in Oxford.

06 Aug

Very Little Talk and a lot of Extraordinary Free Styling

30 Jul

Pick up! I’m Flying!

I’m lying in bed on my stomach, in my old apt in Tel Aviv, when suddenly I get this weird feeling that something isn’t right. I can’t feel the entire front side of my body touching the bed! I realize that I’m slowly staring to hover above the bed. First just an inch, and then […]

21 Mar

The Real World, Redifined – Talk at the Technion Entrepreneurship Club

About lessons learned in New Media Ent’ and much less. March 24th, Industrial Engineering Building at 18:30 and the full info here: http://eclub.technion.ac.il/?p=1524

14 Mar

The Dangers of a Single Story

One of my favorites from TED Global 2009 + testing if HE translation works in embedded talks.

22 Feb

The Story of my visit to Better Place. Coincidence? I DON’T THINK SO!

So I go to Better Place visitors center today, to meet with Inbal who does their marketing. Meeting was great, we discussed some very cool co-op that I’m excited about, I drove the electric car, got the grand tour, loved it and went on with my day to other meetings. So far, so good. Around […]

13 Jan

Thrilled to Announce TEDxTelAviv – Thriving on Thurmoil

and promise to share more as we come up for air… The full and most updated information about the event can always be found in the TEDxTelAviv official website. You can also follow TEDxTelAviv updates via RSS or Twitter (if you tweet, please use #TEDxTelAviv).

29 Jul

Beyond Snobbery

21 May

The Language of Age

I normally wouldn’t, but I recently became 30 and I could relate. This is one of those things you can’t be reminded of enough, and at some point you start enjoying it as if it was the first time you heard it… George Carlin’s Views on Aging when he was 102: Do you realize that […]

25 Apr

Condense First Album – When They Hit the Charts, Remeber You Heard It Here First!


22 Apr

$20,000 Prize at National Pitching Competition

On Monday, May 25th, I will be judging the Pitch Competition of the The IDC Entrepreneurship Club together with Mr. Idan Ofer (chairman), Mr. Gadi Dankner, Prof. Ronen Israel, Mr. Eran Shalev and Mrs. Daphna Murvitz. Finalists will get to pitch at the national pitching Competition and stand to win a prize of $20,000. This […]

20 Apr

Caught Myself Multi-Media-Tasking

My first, second and third screens. Did I hear someone say media rehab?

19 Apr

A TED2002 Jewel: Moshe Safdie, Yad Vashem Architect, about What Makes a Building Unique

Moshe Safdie‘s a triple citizen of Canada, Israel and the United States, three places where the bulk of his buildings can be found: in Canada, the National Gallery in Ottawa, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Vancouver public library. For Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, he designed the Children’s Memorial and the […]

18 Apr

La La La Human Steps – Magnificent!

The human figures, the music, the precision, the lighting, the setting. How with such minimalism it kicks you in the stomach. Everything about this contemporary ballet is just so powerful and awe inspiring. I couldn’t stop watching it. You can get the full DVD in Blue Ray Quality from Amazon.

17 Apr

Rule #1: Don’t Let Go!

9 lessons for life (that are also very much true for entrepreneurship) in this 5 min TED U2009 talk (U = University, TED attendees giving talks) by rock climber Matthew Childs: Don’t let go! Hesitation is bad Have a plan The move is the end Know how to rest Fear sucks Opposites are good Strength […]

06 Mar

Eric Lewis Going Under

The amazing Eric Lewis performs Going Under in TED2009. I went to see him again a few days ago in Joe’s Bar in Manhattan and he was phenomenal. It’s 10 minutes of pure magic…

28 Feb

Just Claiming My Blog from Technorati…

Technorati Profile

24 Feb

New Discoveries in Cancer Research

A couple of days ago I got my hands on this book, Biology of Cancer by Robert A. Weinberg and as weird as this may sounds, I couldn’t put it down! Science and Nature thought it was good too: The Biology of Cancer is no doubt the definitive statement on its topic today. -Science, 11 […]

24 Feb

Red or Blue Pill?

The truth about factory farming

22 Feb

Making a Judgment Call

When a person takes into account the particular circumstances of a situation and makes a decision accordingly, we say “she made a judgment call”. Why have we stopped trusting people to do that? This was one of my favorite talks in TED this year. Barry Schwartz, author of ‘The Paradox of Choice’ argues that more […]

20 Feb

Makes Me Smile Every Time!

Oldie but still such a goodie…

14 Feb

Bugs of Inspiration by Bill Gates in TED2009

I don’t know about Microsoft’s ‘me too’ plan to open retails stores but Bill Gate’s talk in TED2009 was one of the most inspiring. In this funny 18 minutes talk, followed by Q&A session with TED curator Chris Anderson he raises two big questions and shares his solution. With admirable self humor, he also releases […]

12 Feb

Raise Your Hand if You’re a Hard-On-Yourself Perfectionist Overachiever…

For me, this was one of the most moving moments in TED2009. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the bestseller Eat Pray Love muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses and shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius. If your hand […]