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09 Jan

TEDxTelAvivWomen talks now available to watch on TED.com’s TEDx channel

TEDxTElAvivWomen - TED.com,  Maya Elhalal Levavi

Peace and reconciliation, social mobility, employment in the dessert, why young people should go into politics, creating out of not knowing and stereotypes – it was such an honor to give a stage to all these great Ideas Worth Spreading. And the talks by the speakers of TEDxTelAvivWomen can be watched here.

10 Dec

Best of TEDxTelAvivWomen 2013


Hosting more than 100 women, in their 20s to 80s, all pursuing great visions and ‘leaning-in’ to their careers, was an absolute treat. Here are some of the most memorable moments: And two great articles just came out covering TEDxTelAvivWomen speakers. HE in Saloona and EN in NoCamels.