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10 Dec

Best of TEDxTelAvivWomen 2013

Hosting more than 100 women, in their 20s to 80s, all pursuing great visions and ‘leaning-in’ to their careers, was an absolute treat. Here are some of the most memorable moments: And two great articles just came out covering TEDxTelAvivWomen speakers. HE in Saloona and EN in NoCamels.

12 Nov

Hosting the live stream of SF TEDWomen program in TLV, Dec 5th

Thousands of women in more than 150 TEDx events around the world will take part in watching TEDWomen live from SF on Dec 5th. Together with my bosom buddies Abigail Tenembaum [TED speakers’ coach] and Liat Aaronson [TEDxTelAviv and TEDxHolyLand co-organizer], I’lll be hosting the live viewing of TEDWomen at a small TEDx event – TEDxTelAvivWomen, in a cinema […]

13 Jan

Thrilled to Announce TEDxTelAviv – Thriving on Thurmoil

and promise to share more as we come up for air… The full and most updated information about the event can always be found in the TEDxTelAviv official website. You can also follow TEDxTelAviv updates via RSS or Twitter (if you tweet, please use #TEDxTelAviv).