[animated presentation] The Secret Ingredient in Kickstarting Ideas that Spread Far and Wild

Inspring stories of successful entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries who follow their passion for an idea. They all share a healthy disrespect for the traditional way of getting things done and a flair for the New Media. Key viral marketing strategies and the secret ingredient in their success revealed…

This is the 3 minute, click-to-advance, version of a talk I gave last week at The Israeli Forum of High-Tech Executives in NY hosted by Shibolet.

Featuring: Cindy Gallop, Amanda Hocking, Diaspora, Kickstarter, Asaf Avidan and the Mojos, Emotiv Epoc EEG, Seth Godin’s first Domino Project title Poke The Box and more.

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Upcoming talk: Idea Driven GPSs. And why we insist on taking the longest route to ourselves

I’m giving a talk this Monday, about the shift in the the way ideas are spread and about how now, like never before, companies and individuals can change an industry, reinvent science or reshape politics. Specifically, about how TED and Seth Godin’s new Domino Project do it. More specifically, why more often than not, we ignore our inner GPSs and fail to act on our ideas.

We’ll also play, You’re It! with my copy of Poke The Box.

The event is hosted by Oren Heiman, the ultimate mover and shaker for Israeli business people in NY, as part of Fish – The Forum of Israeli High-Tech Executives in NY. Some really great people gather at Fish and I can bring a couple of guests. Drop me a line if you’re in town and wish to join.

What do TED, The Domino Project and anti-aging eye serum have in common? Bees.

You’re not supposed to admit you favor one piece of your published work over the rest. My favorite is QuotesDaddy. Why? Because it’s the only one I built for me. I wanted to find, save, tag, share, contribute and show off all my favorite quotes. Nothing out there came close. One night, working on an upcoming lecture, I decided to co-grow my own. And today, more than two years after parting from ownership of it, I still use it. Almost daily. Last night, for example, I watched The Bee Movie, noticed a quote I liked, added it to QuotesDaddy, and now I can share it with you:

The utter bliss of products that do exactly what you want

You know the feeling of engaging with someone or something that’s in complete alignment with your values and beliefs? That speaks your dialect? That vibrates on the same frequency with you? Times of utter bliss! My life is spent looking for them in companies, technologies, people, ideas, movies, books, whatever. And when I find one, I suck it’s sweet nectar and I evangelize. I spread the word, flower to flower, so ‘my favorite‘ lives on to become a sustainable source of bliss.

Evangelism is driven by pure selfishness

Dr. Hauschka is a rare cosmetics company that’s powered by compassion, rather than driven by greed. It’s also the only cruelty free, chemical free, all-natural product my husband likes the smell of. It’s pricy though, which makes me fear for it’s survival in a competitive cosmetics market. So I tell everyone I know about it, hoping they too find the bliss worth the money.

Products that thrill me are harder to make and impossible to fake. They take true passion, offer exquisite user experience and practice what they preach in every feature. They shake the status quo, take a stand, earn enemies. Without a hive of busy fans keeping them alive, they can’t make it.

I like going to TED. That’s why I share TED Talks and organize TEDx events.

I also like books that offer exceptionally high quality ideas, created with total disregard for what bookstores and middlemen want. I like ideas packaged with urgency in mind and delivered tightly, not a word wasted, no filler. And I want to be able to read them on my Kindle, iPad or iMac, listen to them on my iTunes or my iPhone, and be able to afford getting one as a gift for all my close friends.

Seth Godin‘s, powered-by-Amazon, disruptive Domino Project, pledges to publish just these kind of books. That’s why I recently joined The Domino Project Street Team.

Poke The Box, the first title of the project, is not even out yet, and its pre-orders drive such a powerful domino effect, it’s already in Amazon’s 100 top bestsellers.

In the coming months, I’ll share with you more from the behind the scenes of the project and insider news of what’s coming. I hope you like the books too, because I really want to see more published.


I took advantage of the snowy weather for a much needed facelift. Welcome to my new website. You can now get my blog updates to your email, on facebook, via twitter or RSS.

The husband is always the last to know and the founder last to admit

If you’re like me, you think you’re really good at reading people’s body language, picking up the subtle cues of their true intention and spotting every tell tale sign. Well, you’re not as good as you think you are. Not with the people you love, that is. Or with those you have a high-stakes relationship with. You’re thinking: “on the contrary!”, but the fact of the matter is, that just isn’t the case.

Paul Ekman, father of micro-expressions reading – the science behind the hit TV series Lie to Me, writes extensively about why this happens. Basically it’s a defense mechanism. And his explanation sits well with the brain’s #1 goal (The Brain For Entrepreneurs presentation, slide #3).

It’s this same mechanism, which keeps us from seeing we’re being lied to, that also keeps us from realizing our venture is going no-where. For the latter, there’s a cure. It’s called The Dip.