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02 Jan

Life is not without a sense of humor…

puerto rico

Science keeps flipping on us. In the break of 2011, does that change anything? Everything? Is it happy 2011? From somewhere in the Caribbean, a greeting from me and my Noam to you my friends: [click to open in YouTube, they don’t allow embed because of the brilliant sound track] Things kind of changed from […]

21 May

The Language of Age

I normally wouldn’t, but I recently became 30 and I could relate. This is one of those things you can’t be reminded of enough, and at some point you start enjoying it as if it was the first time you heard it… George Carlin’s Views on Aging when he was 102: Do you realize that […]

14 Feb

Bugs of Inspiration by Bill Gates in TED2009

I don’t know about Microsoft’s ‘me too’ plan to open retails stores but Bill Gate’s talk in TED2009 was one of the most inspiring. In this funny 18 minutes talk, followed by Q&A session with TED curator Chris Anderson he raises two big questions and shares his solution. With admirable self humor, he also releases […]

26 Dec

This Guy Has No Lim[bs]its!

This video of Nick Vujicic talking to teens about what you can accomplish when you don’t let limiting beliefs stand in your way is just so inspiring, I couldn’t not share this with you…

26 Jul

Children See – Childern Do

A close friend of mine, Lital Kfir, just shared this powerful video with me. How very true it is…