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08 Jul

About our digital future – for Lady Globes [full article]

At the airport on my way to a vacation today I saw this and it was weird in a wonderful and exciting way. And the full article text below.

10 Jan

Hosting Failcon TLV on Jan 23rd – an afternoon that’s all about entrepreneurs sharing their failures and what they learned

Few people are brave enough to attempt audacious goals. Far fewer are big enough to admit they failed and be willing to share what they learned. Many have said NO to the request to speak at this event and I admire Yanki Margalit, Naftali Benet, Liad Agmon, Noam Lanir, Ishay Green, Daria Shualy, Yosi Taguri, Ofer Vilenski, Gigi Levy, Emma Butin, Eden Shochat,Yoni Dariel, Yoel […]

08 Mar

Irrationality, brain productivity, evolution and game-changing, all in my updated favorite books list

Here’s the full list of books and why I favorite them. 

24 Jul

Hosting the live streaming of The Behavioral Economics Summit for Startups in Israel this August

My friend Abigail Tenembaum and I are both behavioral economics sworn fans and now we have the huge privilege of delivering the above incredible gift from Dan Ariely to about 20 Israeli startups. If your startup fits the bill, apply! It will change how you do business. The main website of The San Francisco Behavioral […]

20 Mar

[animated presentation] The Secret Ingredient in Kickstarting Ideas that Spread Far and Wild

Inspring stories of successful entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries who follow their passion for an idea. They all share a healthy disrespect for the traditional way of getting things done and a flair for the New Media. Key viral marketing strategies and the secret ingredient in their success revealed… This is the 3 minute, click-to-advance, version of […]

12 Aug

Hi, my name is Maya, and I’m an eMailoholic

I had my first email in 1996. It has now gotten to a point where  sometimes I can have as many as 10 or 15 email box checks a day. That’s not the only thing I use. There’s also Facebook, Twitter and Feeds. And it’s not just the Desktop. I do it on my laptop, […]

10 Aug

Professional 2.0, MailChimp Case Study: Bring Yourself to Work

MailChimp is an email marketing platform used by some pretty high profile brands. It offers powerful campaign management tools and also Proof of Marketing, um… how shall I put it? A very unusual user experience… For example, you may be working on building your new blog newsletter and on the top right corner the Chimp would […]

20 Apr

Caught Myself Multi-Media-Tasking

My first, second and third screens. Did I hear someone say media rehab?

28 Feb

Just Claiming My Blog from Technorati…

Technorati Profile

11 Aug

Search Treasures

Google recently launched Google Insight for Search which let’s you see what the world is searching for and compare search terms. How can Google Insight for Search be useful? SEM – Search trends can help you find hidden treasures in terms of territories which show high demand for what you offer. In many cases you’ll […]

28 Jul

F**King Good Presentation about Social Media!

Tal Siach, a social media wiz and the guy behind the 7000 Diggs prank just shared this beautiful presentation about social media with me. If you’re not convinced of the power of social marketing yet, check out these amazing numbers… What The F**K is Social Media? view presentation (tags: socialmediamarketing marketing web2.0 socialmedia)