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29 Jul

A day with channel 10 news about our digital future

09 Jan

TEDxTelAvivWomen talks now available to watch on’s TEDx channel

Peace and reconciliation, social mobility, employment in the dessert, why young people should go into politics, creating out of not knowing and stereotypes – it was such an honor to give a stage to all these great Ideas Worth Spreading. And the talks by the speakers of TEDxTelAvivWomen can be watched here.

08 Jan

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I didn’t become a better person!

But I have gained Zoe, well earned pounds, and some important life lessons. From Cape Coral, this is Noam and me, sharing our new-found wisdom with you, and wishing you a year which you will one day be strangely nostalgic for..

20 Mar

New in ‘Favorites’: 2x’Too funny’ in shows, 2x’most mind blowing’ in TV series, 3x’Singularity’ in books

Here’s the full list of my updated favorites.

02 Jan

2012, Singularity or Apocalypse? [our new year’s video greeting]

From what was once an old Mayan village, Noam and I look back at 4000 years of human evolution and look forward to 2012 and the future of our species. Our traditional new year’s greeting, this time from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, with our own 8 months old version of evolution. Happy New Year!

26 Jul

Battlestar Galactica left me with a choice: I’m going for the option that takes the bigger leap of faith

I don’t want to be connected to perfection. I find perfection rather boring actually. But it IS about those moments for me. Especially the action, reaction and elation. The final episode of Battlestar Galactica, left me with a choice I’ve been avoiding making for a while: I’m going for the option that takes the bigger leap […]

02 Jan

Life is not without a sense of humor…

Science keeps flipping on us. In the break of 2011, does that change anything? Everything? Is it happy 2011? From somewhere in the Caribbean, a greeting from me and my Noam to you my friends: [click to open in YouTube, they don’t allow embed because of the brilliant sound track] Things kind of changed from […]

18 Sep

Some of my most favorite moments with my favorite people. Yet.

Because it’s HD, it’s best viewed in full screen and after clip completes loading… and the ‘before’: A huge thanks to God of HD Video – Guy Sadot and to the Master of Dream Making  – My TEDxTelAviv and Wedding Producer Shay Windman

23 Aug

Even though my environment is different than my thinking, my thinking is more important.

Size Matters. Big Time! The size of the Frontal Lobe, that is. Our  frontal lobe is larger in reference to the rest of the brain, than in any other species: It’s almost 40% of a human brain, about 15-17% in great apes, about 7% in dogs and just 3% in cats. The frontal lobe (in red), is the […]

20 Aug

Human population: zero. Life after people

Plants take over cities, wild life re-establishes in the habitat it was chased away from, oceans make astonishing recovery. Natures rules again. And all this happens much faster than we imagine…

19 Aug

Dancing on Wheels in Central Park

Taken last week. I love the summer scene in the park! [youtube][/youtube]

19 Aug

NYC, Bird-Eye-Style, with Yuda Doron


07 Aug

The Axis of Evil

Got a craving for standup last night and streamed  the entire The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour from Netflix. These guys are so witty, so hilarious and sadly, so right… The name of the tour is yet another thing we can be grateful to former president George W Bush for… Enjoy, it’s a killer! 😉 [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] […]

06 Aug

Surrogates. Unimaginable? Not Really.

Inevitable? Tough one… [youtube][/youtube]

06 Aug

Moving Objects with my Mind, Take 1

This was my first attempt at moving objects with the Emotive Epoc EEG Headset… Take 2 wasn’t very pretty. And here’s Tan Le, head of Emotiv Systems, demoing the headset at the TED Global 2010 conference in Oxford.

06 Aug

Very Little Talk and a lot of Extraordinary Free Styling

30 Jul

Pick up! I’m Flying!

I’m lying in bed on my stomach, in my old apt in Tel Aviv, when suddenly I get this weird feeling that something isn’t right. I can’t feel the entire front side of my body touching the bed! I realize that I’m slowly staring to hover above the bed. First just an inch, and then […]

14 Mar

The Dangers of a Single Story

One of my favorites from TED Global 2009 + testing if HE translation works in embedded talks.

29 Jul

Beyond Snobbery

25 Apr

Condense First Album – When They Hit the Charts, Remeber You Heard It Here First!


19 Apr

A TED2002 Jewel: Moshe Safdie, Yad Vashem Architect, about What Makes a Building Unique

Moshe Safdie‘s a triple citizen of Canada, Israel and the United States, three places where the bulk of his buildings can be found: in Canada, the National Gallery in Ottawa, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Vancouver public library. For Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, he designed the Children’s Memorial and the […]

18 Apr

La La La Human Steps – Magnificent!

The human figures, the music, the precision, the lighting, the setting. How with such minimalism it kicks you in the stomach. Everything about this contemporary ballet is just so powerful and awe inspiring. I couldn’t stop watching it. You can get the full DVD in Blue Ray Quality from Amazon.

17 Apr

Rule #1: Don’t Let Go!

9 lessons for life (that are also very much true for entrepreneurship) in this 5 min TED U2009 talk (U = University, TED attendees giving talks) by rock climber Matthew Childs: Don’t let go! Hesitation is bad Have a plan The move is the end Know how to rest Fear sucks Opposites are good Strength […]

06 Mar

Eric Lewis Going Under

The amazing Eric Lewis performs Going Under in TED2009. I went to see him again a few days ago in Joe’s Bar in Manhattan and he was phenomenal. It’s 10 minutes of pure magic…

24 Feb

Red or Blue Pill?

The truth about factory farming

22 Feb

Making a Judgment Call

When a person takes into account the particular circumstances of a situation and makes a decision accordingly, we say “she made a judgment call”. Why have we stopped trusting people to do that? This was one of my favorite talks in TED this year. Barry Schwartz, author of ‘The Paradox of Choice’ argues that more […]

20 Feb

Makes Me Smile Every Time!

Oldie but still such a goodie… [youtube][/youtube]

14 Feb

Bugs of Inspiration by Bill Gates in TED2009

I don’t know about Microsoft’s ‘me too’ plan to open retails stores but Bill Gate’s talk in TED2009 was one of the most inspiring. In this funny 18 minutes talk, followed by Q&A session with TED curator Chris Anderson he raises two big questions and shares his solution. With admirable self humor, he also releases […]

12 Feb

Raise Your Hand if You’re a Hard-On-Yourself Perfectionist Overachiever…

For me, this was one of the most moving moments in TED2009. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the bestseller Eat Pray Love muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses and shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius. If your hand […]

25 Jan

Slumdog Millionaire – A Brilliant Story of Love and Synchrodestiny

The story of the life of an impoverished Indian teen Jamal Malik, who becomes a contestant on the Hindi version of “Who Wants to be A Millionaire?”, wins, and is then suspected of cheating. It’s so well made it kicks you in the stomach. [youtube][/youtube]

26 Dec

This Guy Has No Lim[bs]its!

This video of Nick Vujicic talking to teens about what you can accomplish when you don’t let limiting beliefs stand in your way is just so inspiring, I couldn’t not share this with you… [youtube][/youtube]

26 Jul

Children See – Childern Do

A close friend of mine, Lital Kfir, just shared this powerful video with me. How very true it is…

19 May

Personalized Famous Quotes Video Greeting

Our most recent addition to QuotesDaddy is Flash video greetings that can be personalized for a specific person. Users just enter the name and the video is customized to that person. You also get a personalized sub domain link of the personal greeting. Here’s how a greeting customized to my name looks: You can […]

16 May

Why Our Bad Eating Habits Put the Entire Planet at Risk

In this very entertaining TED talk, New York Times food writer Mark Bittman weighs in on what’s wrong with the way we eat now (too much meat, too few plants; too much fast food, too little home cooking), and why it’s putting the entire planet at risk. I was surprised to discover just how disastrous […]

30 Mar

Vitus. Beautiful, Witty, Moving.

This 2006 film tells the story of a highly gifted boy whose parents have demanding and ambitious plans for. He on the other hand, has other plans in mind… With some extraordinary beautiful scenes, witty dialogs and moving story line, I highly recommend this movie. [youtube][/youtube]

21 Mar

Some people believe in coincidences. I’m not one of them.

“I always wondered… when a butterfly leaves the safety of it’s cocoon, does it realize how beautiful I has become, or does it still just see itself as a caterpillar?” This is the opening monologue of a brilliant movie I saw last night, The Air I Breathe. It’s based on an ancient Chinese proverb that […]