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28 Jul

F**King Good Presentation about Social Media!

Tal Siach, a social media wiz and the guy behind the 7000 Diggs prank just shared this beautiful presentation about social media with me. If you’re not convinced of the power of social marketing yet, check out these amazing numbers… What The F**K is Social Media? view presentation (tags: socialmediamarketing marketing web2.0 socialmedia)

18 Jun

Firefox 3.0 Download Day

Firefox 3.0 has officially been released today and it’s going for a world record for software downloads in one day. Last I checked it had 6808455 and counting… You should see the count here, it’s amazing! So if you have yet to upgrade, or worse, yet to drop Internet Explorer, now would be the time […]

16 Jun

Gmail Labs is “Make What You Can Sell” on Steroids

Google’s recent introduction of Gmail Labs takes it’s already developed perpetual beta approach a step further. Gmail Labs is a way for Google to take ideas that aren’t quite ready for prime time as well as ideas that wouldn’t normally be picked and let Gmail users decide whether they’re good (and should be further developed) […]

07 May

How to Successfully Finance Your Startup in Every Stage of Development

This presentation, used in a recent New Media Entrepreneurship Workshop for Israeli Startup founders, covers: The pros and cons of different equity capital sources (financing by founders, friends and family, angels and Venture Capitals). How to create and deliver effective investment raising presentations. The big DOs and DON’Ts of investment raising presentations. This presentation was […]

20 Apr

Looking For an Idea for a Startup? Ask yourself “What Itch Can I Scratch?”

In 1995, San Francisco native Craig Newmark, decided to create a way to share news about local events. Working as a software engineer, he began posting news about social events in San Francisco for people in the software and computer industries. This newsletter evolved to become, one of the most recognizable websites on the […]

27 Mar

Taking the Air Out of the “First Mover Advantage” Bubble

There are very few panels, forums or boards, where investors evaluate ventures, that the notion of “First Mover Advantage” isn’t raised. In many cases, it is regarded with such awe, that the mere hint of another player “moving” first, may kill the chance of the venture to be financed. Deadly Crash on the TTM (Time […]