It’s Your Business – 183 written-in-blood tips for entrepreneurs

November 24, 2012 2 Comments by maya

This is a great new entry-level book for entrepreneurs, with some excellent reminders for the more experienced. I scanned it in 30 minutes walking the treadmill.

Of the 183 tips Lisa Everson offers in It’s Your Business, I chose to give you a sneak peek into the following because for me, they each hold a personal memory of blood, sweat or tears. If just one of the tips saves you time, money, heart-ache or crisis management, it’s worth the book.

#3 Sell [to investors] your company, not the product.

#13 Focus on the ‘why’. This excellent TEDx talk by Simon Sinek, that’s in the top 20 most watched TED Talks of all times, is about why the ‘why’ you do what you do is so powerful, and more important than the ‘what’ or ‘how’.

#16 Test  your product idea with your audience before actually developing it.

#17 Never do a fifty-fifty partnership.

[part of] #31 Never give feedback to your partner in an email.

#47 Fire quickly [AKA hire slowly].

#66 Inject some fun into the office atmosphere.

#103 When negotiating, keep something in your back pocket.

#129 Don’t rush your news to the media.

#135 Market your company by marking yourself.


This and more books in Seth Godin’s Fall Recommended Reading List.


  1. Juliet
    5 years ago

    Bedankt om te bloggen over >It’s Your Business – 183 written-in-blood tips for entrepreneurs | Maya’s Blog <.Heb er van genoten!

  2. Beauty
    5 years ago

    In #66 Inject some fun into the office atmosphere, can you give me some advise on how to do it? As I have observe mostly in the office are serious and doesn’t even have time to talk about other stuff.

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