Firefox 3.0 Download Day

June 18, 2008 2 Comments by maya

Firefox 3.0 has officially been released today and it’s going for a world record for software downloads in one day. Last I checked it had 6808455 and counting…

You should see the count here, it’s amazing!

So if you have yet to upgrade, or worse, yet to drop Internet Explorer, now would be the time to learn what browsing should really feel like.

You can get this amazing open source browser here.


  1. Boaz Kantor
    9 years ago

    FF3 is proving as a great download for me so far. I’m not sure you can drop IE and enjoy all the benefits of the web only with FF. Although FF is indeed faster to load and has some functionality and security differences, the rest, IMHO, is related to what you’re used to work with.
    The real problem relies with the standards, as website developers in many cases develop for IE and sometimes forget to support FF. VML, for example, is not supported by FF, even though it’s a W3C standard, which is a shame.
    Luckily enough it’s a stateless application (and free!) so we can easily switch 馃檪

  2. Maya
    9 years ago

    For sites not supported by FF I use IE Tab extension within FF.

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