Not quite “sponge worthy” but… Hello World!

March 19, 2008 6 Comments by maya

I’ve been wanting to start blogging for too long and just kept putting it off. Every time I was about to set up a blog and start, the little voice in me would ask “is this really worthy of your first post?

Sure enough, with every idea that didn’t cut it, expectations built up, till eventually, no post could measure up. No post was quite “sponge worthy”…

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Today, on my morning Netvibes routine, I stumbled upon this post: Getting Writing Done: How to Stop Thinking About It and Write . Copyblogger, one of my favorite copy writing blogs, gave me the much needed kick in the butt and there you have it, my first post, the one I’ve been saving myself for, is about nothing. But it’s out there and it feels great!


  1. Darah
    10 years ago

    Look at this, a comment on your first day!! hehe. I found you through copyblogger. Twas my first time there, I’ve gotten lost in reading about creative generalism and just creativity in general.
    Anyhow I adore your first post title.
    Top of the muffin, TO YOU!

  2. Maya
    10 years ago

    I’m really glad you found it “sponge worthy”. It put a smile on my face to read your comment. Thank you!

  3. Or
    10 years ago

    Hey, congratulations on your first blog! I am surprised you didn’t have one so far.
    Found this on the web – check it out and think again before delving into the blogsphere…

  4. Maya
    10 years ago

    Thanks for the warning 😉

  5. Guy Ronen
    10 years ago

    I can relate..
    I also write a blog (well.. trying to keep posting with just a very little amount of success..)

    and I felt more than once the feeling of too-much-perfectionism-to-even-start..
    Every once in a while I get over that feeling + find the time, and I post something. Too little..

    Anyway, cograts on the fist blog and even better – on getting this barier out of your system. 🙂

  6. eran elhalal
    10 years ago

    that is a properly structured blog!
    looks great.
    As thorough as always.

    you da man!


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